2021 Mopar Blast! WHEEL STAND DRAG RACING & Car Show feat Dust Devil Garage

Music: Bensound.com

Check out my Buddy Bryan at Dust Devil Garage:

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  1. I just want to thank the few people who will watch this video, videos like this never get many views and are often considered failures due to the time invested in making them. So I just want to personally give a shout out to all of the cool people who watched this video and to the ones who left comments. YOU PEOPLE FREAKING RULE!

  2. Clay & Rosie & their son Clayton are the most awesome people you could ever meet! They run an all Mopar salvage yard in Cattawissa Mo. That's a '63 Dodge 330 Clay was running, he also has a '65 Dodge AWB car with an injected Muscle Motor wedge. Rosie won an NHRA event in Lady Max.

  3. Great vid! It was a fun 2 days of racin for sure,I hope it grows and gets bigger next year and more people and cars will be there. And hell,ya even got my ride in there lol thank ya! 🤘

  4. I loved that 73 Satellite, since I own one too, another great video, thankyou for your hard work making this video and all the previous ones too. Great job.

  5. Nice Job, Car shows are hard to film, But I think you did good between the Drag Racing, Car commentary, and the historical/tech information you talked about on certain cars. Great Job! Glad to see Dust Devil Garage !! Tell Bryan to make more videos!!

  6. That orange t/a is mine it’s a survivor car and just because it says trans am on that tag doesn’t mean it’s real if you look in the vin and it’s says job it’s real I just got that car it was parked in a garage and never saw the light of day from 1985 till 2020 that was it’s second car show it’s ever been at

  7. Thanks for posting this bro,i love seeing all these classics roaming the streets, shows and being raced and enjoyed as they were meant to be!!!!! I love it! thanks again guys! Lmfao! Oh man J you're killing me! I'm not going near that new Daytona, I might catch it!!! Omg!!! Some Daytonas just shouldn't have been made,Shelbeys or not! And no fine corinthian leather is just a flat out crime! Or is the fact that they made a cordoba into a charger even worse? Ahhhh,things to ponder. I guess one of the saddest things I see as you panned over the track is the totally empty grandstands, I remember going to these meets in the 80s and they were chock full of fans,same with old videos from back in the day too,but now, most millenials or whatever the fuck you call them are either home glued to their vidiot games or their phones instead of out living and enjoying a real life!!!

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