2019 Dodge Challenger 1320 (Friday Night Drag Racing)

We go drag racing, lets have some fun. 12.17 first run and 12.20 for the second (Destroyer 1320) Jarhead ran half track first run at 11.2 but was at 108 at half track and had to lift since his cage is not certified yet, second run he hit 10.20 lifting the tires and let off at 1000ft. Fun night once again.


  1. Thanks for sharing I think these drag races would be more interesting if there was a screen that showed all the mods of each car as they pull up to the starting line doing a burnout excetera cuz when I just see your car racing in another car after a while it gets mundane way more interesting if I know what they got and what they did to the engine and the rest of the car

  2. What a bummer for the Camaro with the crazy piranha wrap! He got Gapptized by a junkyard dog station wagon!🤣🤣🤣🤣
    1320 representing as usual💪

  3. Nice runs….what was your 60 and the DA? Here in Ohio it's too cold to run any longer. I ran my 1320 two weeks ago with a 700 DA: 12.009 @114.01 with a 1.71 60 foot. Only mod is Mickeys. Next year I'll have skinnies, and a rear seat delete.

  4. I notice that you always go around the water box. Then the track worker backs you into it. Why? Is it to keep water off the front tires? i see most full drag cars run very narrow front tires & wheels. Great videos.

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