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Cash Days has been in the works for some time. I hand selected field of 16 cars and trucks were invited to participate in a 1/4 mile elimination style buy-in…winner takes all.
After 3 races, apparently word made it back to the DPS, waaaaay in the middle of nowhere, that racing was going down…and the rest was history.
The winners of the 3 races took home $200, as the winner between the two $100 buy-ins…and then took the racing elsewhere….

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  1. Who the Fuck thought standing at the big end was a good idea? Esp with fucking kids. That has to be some of the stupidest people I've ever seen.

  2. I really do like this stuff. Hands down, the best up front-in your face racing your going to get, & no 20 sets of hands grabbing at the prize money either. Yes, there is a safety risk doing this. That's what helps to put the chill down our bones. Folks who do not like this, please, don't watch it. We used to race like this when I was 16. They have been racing like this all the back to when they 1st started making cars. Why? Because it is the competitive nature of the beast. There were quite a few folks showing up for a 16 car invite. If I knew about it & was in the area, would I have showed up? Hell yea. If I would have gotten squashed by someone while I was racing or watching, than so be it. People, if you do not like it, do not watch it. That includes Mr. Hickman.

  3. The video was a good video but why lie at the end and say yall went across the border to mexico knowing that is shreveport la on clyde fant parkway. I race those streets every weekend.

  4. Those concrete jungle warriors at the beginning of the vid are a joke. Why have a huge truck with all those mods and not even use it? Talk about a waste…seems like they're more worried about how people see them and what people think than actually using their vehicle. Lemme remind you… Physical possessions don't make you the man.

  5. Where I live, some local fool started a website covering the street racing scene. Didn't take the cops but a few minutes to start monitoring the site to find what was going down and where. Now it's mandatory jail time for just being in the area close to an organized street race, and racing is a felony with minimum sentencing like for bank robbery. One dude got busted while unloading his car and is (or was) facing a long bid.

    Meanwhile, plenty of robbery, rape, murder, drug selling, gang activity, and domestic violence going down, but nothing gets done about any of that cause the cops are busy chasing street racers at 2am out in the middle of nowhere

  6. So i like the races they seemed pure. But the spectators at the finish line where just st8 reeetards. Im from detroit and we have races on big wide streets in desolate parts of the city..and thats stupid and im talkin about 7 times wider than this strip. Once a 87 ss monte carlo lost control and slide into the crowd. A girl was cut in half and her head exploded on the windshield. I would never be posted at the finish line feet away from a speeding lunatic. Now back in the day when formula one would race through the city streets they had barricades and fences that was cool.

  7. Like the cars, but the people are idiots, let's stand with our brothers and sisters, and wait, infants and watch these cars race on a back road, in the country…..

  8. Rolling through the puddle after your tiny burn out and spectators on the big end. Wtf kinda back woods rust bucket cash days is this? It's no wonder they were all spinning.

  9. I noticed the bikes racing towards the end are on clyde fant parkway in shreveport la. Lol that's were I live I knew it looked familiar

  10. Boy oh boy ppl these days. Did all you dumb asses watching at finish line knock your head on something along the way or are you all just that stupid. Can’t figure out how 80 percent of population got as far as they did in life. Even at the track I’ve seen 100 plus ppl standing beside cars behind cars on top of guard rails. Come on back your asses up find a set in the stands I promise u can see better.

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