2008 Volkswagen Passat Review – Kelley Blue Book


In a segment dominated by capable but often uninspiring competitors, the Volkswagen Passat stands out as a mid-size sedan with a uniquely German charm. Distinctive styling and road manners born of the autobahn give the Passat a level of panache not found in the typical family sedan.

Welcome to our comprehensive Kelley Blue Book review of the Volkswagen Passat.

With a near luxury-level interior, an attractive exterior and both sedan and wagon body styles, the Passat proves to be a fashionable and practical alternative to more mundane family sedans. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit today.


  1. wut u guys thinkabout the new saab 9-3 2.0t? more power.. better looking… i'm deciding which one to buy.. PLAESE hep me out

  2. The Pasat is a good car but for the money the Japanese cars are giving you more.

    Another problem is Passats poor reliability scores. This car is good for 50K miles… after that is will start giving you problems.

    There is no Passat, which will make 100K miles without at least one serious problem on it. The Accord and Camry will do 200K miles with minor problems…

    I love Pasats but, they just don't make sense to me!

  3. Yes I have driven the Jetta and the Golf (Rabbit). I liked them. They ware tide and agile but yet comfortable!

    But when I checked the cars reputation online, I saw lots of horror stories from previous owners! I decided not to buy a VW. Instead I bought second hand Infiniti, which is bean great car so far!

  4. I have an older model I35! It was the last front wheel drive they built!

    Check out my profile I have some vids of my I35. Although it is 2002 it is put together very well. It is fully loaded (but no Navi though). V6, 255hp, 246 lbs.-ft. @ 4,400 rpm…. the engine is killer. They put that engine later in 2003 to the G35.

  5. Awesome car! Last week I drove about an hour to Edwards AFB with three adults including me and 2 car seats. comfortably.

  6. @TerminaorXX VW is considered to be a mass market brand not an exclusive luxury brand but Volkswagen's luxury division (Audi) is considered to be a Luxury brand.

  7. Volkswagen il più cesso di auto che abbia mai avuto ! ! !
    Sono rimasto piantato 12 volte e ho dovuto chiamare il soccorso stradale

    Wolksvagen worst car I've ever had! ! !
    I was stopped 12 times and I had to call roadside assistance

  8. I owned a 2009 Passat for 8 years, and the car reached its end a little too soon for me. I miss this car, bc it was a performer, but the repairs over the years were more memorable than the drive. The reliability has gotten a lot better since then, but the American Passat is very bland and boring. One day I hope VW will return to their niche and near-luxury persona that drew customers to it in the 2000s.

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