2007 Ford Explorer Review – Kelley Blue Book


Ford Explorer. Perhaps no vehicle is more responsible for the SUV boom in America than the Ford Explorer. In its latest iteration the Explorer offers exactly what one might expect from a traditional SUV, including a powerful V8, seven-passenger seating, a rugged body-on-frame design, four-wheel drive and a maximum tow rating over 7000 pounds. The recent trend toward more fuel-efficient cross-over SUVs has reduced the Explorers prominence but for those who need the capabilities of a classic SUV, the Explorer still hits the mark.

Welcome to our comprehensive Kelley Blue Book review of the Ford Explorer.

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  1. =P Nah, my Ford Explorer does not have problems. I dare you to smash your shitty ass Japanese cars into my Explorer. My Explorer is a 1995 and it only has 60k miles. Practically brand new. No modifications so far but I'm going to put a supercharger on it.

  2. I've done burnouts, drifts, and much more with my dad's Explorer. If you drove it like a race car and have only 60k miles, then it's equivalent to all those miles you have. You shouldn't be hating on Ford if you don't expect someone to fight you back. =) My Ford Mustang will burn all those cars by the way.

  3. @SilentDrifter03 cheaper to maintain, doesn't always mean that it's better. Thing I don't understand is, if you like Mazda and other Japanese makers, why even argue here on a Ford clip? Obviously, people here do not agree with you. And there is nothing wrong with what's here. Any vehicle can break down if the owner doesn't take care of it.And fuel economy is the last thing an suv owner is thinking about when owning an Explorer.

  4. "lacks the car-like steering feel of it's competitors"… If I wanted car like steering feel I'd get a car or a pansy japanese SUV. This is a man truck.

  5. my parents are getting one in a couple of days, im a chevy guy but this seems alright, we had a 2000 explorer, and i liked it. even though i want a tahoe, cant wait to see how the 07 turns out,

  6. @rcmaster1029 it not only a look, it is, there going to stop making big SUV's sense cross overs are selling more, and big suv's r dieing, i was reading it online, its sad, they making the new one off of the edge platform. soon they will will be doing this with GM, and thats where it will hurt me.

  7. @296jayce It is sad. It would be a real shame to see the Suburban and Tahoe turned into crossovers. Right now they are still beefy body-on-frame SUVs with solid rear axles, the way it should be. Oh well…

  8. ignore him when he says "if you don't want to carry your keys, you can leave them in the vehicle" DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KEY IN YOUR VEHICLE!!!

  9. good morning friend I have a 2010 ford explorer that has 26093 miles and recently empoezo give jerk every time asia automatic change from 3rd to 4th speed, leading to the ford agent and was told that was the unit Mecatronic, I preferred put a new box continued failure now I would say it is the unit cfm. which changed and perciste cambairon failure after the advance sensor, then told me that the fault was the new audio player that will alos install disconnected and is still today Aabo failure.

  10. I just want to slap the person who thought it's a good idea to make the Explorer a crossover! I'm getting a car in 2 years, and its the explorer. They better change it back to the way it was or I'll be fucking mad.

  11. i want to buy one this model,but i cant find -(( tis model much beter than 2011 explorer new explorer same as minivan

  12. what‽ this is better than the current one!!! I love the look, I am considering the 2021 explorer, saw this and got curious, and somehow this was better looking in my opinion, wish the stuck with the boxier look…

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