2/12/22 WRECKED Hummingbird Again ! Memphis Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss crash armdrop america's list

DRIVER Shelby IS OK ! We will post video of pass asap. State Capitol Raceway Saturday February 12th 2022. #murdernova #streetoutlaws #streetoutlaws #noprepracing #npk


  1. That car should be totaled . It was never recertified after the last wreck. Every time a car is wrecked it is supposed to be completely gone over and recertified before racing again to ensure the integrity of the cage and chassis. That car was never checked after the wreck at America's list

  2. Jj I think it's bout time to build a new car that one is jinxed she likes to wreck n roll to much before someone gets killed or hurt real bad I hope the driver is ok

  3. Wth jj you know what they say third time is a charm if I was you I would retire humming bird and get something different buddy.

  4. That poor car! Dam jj stop letting people drive your stuff I learned long ago if you want your shit to stay like it is don't let people use your shit!! I know your a nice guy n stuff but its gotta stop..love you brother but please stop doing that!!

  5. I'm all for letting the youngsters get some seat time at the track but maybe in a real street car. You know, full interior and all with maybe a small block and a small hit of nitrous. Let her run it on motor first to get a feel for it and then turn the nitrous on after a few runs.

    I can't honestly say I'd let a young girl who's green as the grass get behind the wheel of a stripped out race car running a pro charged hemi and running on small tyres to boot!

    Still, I'm happy Shelby is OK and no harm was done…..apart from the poor Humminbird.

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