1981 Nostalgic Front End Dragster FOR SALE – Engine Running

If you remember going to the dragstrip in the 70s and 80s you probably remember seeing similar rail cars flying down the track. With their brightly painted bodies and loud rumble these machines had no problem drawing a crowd. There is just something special about watching a vehicle fly down the track at speeds you have only dreamed at reaching. Well now that can change. This 1981 front engine dragster could be yours for a very affordable price! It sits at 181″ and is a real deal AHRA Alcohol Nostalgic front engine dragster. The body sports that classic 80s paint and bears the nickname “Bad Influence.” It sits on a Bruce Todd chassis which was built to handle all the horsepower this vehicle throws at it. New slicks were just added in the rear and chrome wheels were used throughout.

Driver’s Compartment Measurements:

1) From the bottom of the seat pan where it meets the seat back to the top bar of the roll cage is 40 inches

2) From bar to bar at shoulder height is 20 inches

3) From center of steering wheel to the seat back is 26 inches

4) From the center of the steering wheel to the front of the seat bottom is 22 inches

5) From the pedals to the seat back is 38 inches

Note: Steering wheel is removable to provide easier entry & exit

Rocketing the car to 200 mph in a 6 second quarter mile is the 468 big block motor. The motor is fitted with all performance parts including the custom headers, Hilbourne Kesler stack injectors and comp valve covers. A powerglide transmission is in place with a translock and stutterbox. The dragster weighs in at 1800 pounds and puts out around 700 hp.

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