1980 Dodge Mirada Regains Pro Street Car Glory! | RoadKill | MotorTrend

Look at that pink car! David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan pick up a 1980 Dodge Mirada and take it on a road trip to the site of the Street Machine Nationals in Du Quoin, IL. Is this Pro Street Mirada fast? No. Does it handle well? No. Does it look obnoxiously awesome? Of course! Stream the Season Premiere of Roadkill NOW on MotorTrend+ ➡️

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  1. You just took me back to being 10 years old and reading Hot Rod for the first time and being 12-13 going to the Street Machine Nationals and being blown away by the size and getting to see so many cars I recognized from the magazines.

  2. My first car was a 1980 Mirada. This is crazy!
    In stock form though mine couldn't get out of its own way. It had a 318 with a two barrel carb. I think it made about 135HP 😂

  3. Petty dumped Plymouth because of this car. Trash that pink Plymouth. Leave the air filter off. Don't check the oil. Normal Roadkill stuff.

  4. I would like your viewership to drive your ad revenue vs subscriptions. I hope that is paying off for you. I've been with Roadkill from the beginning. I can't add another subscription service. But, I will take your bait and love it for what it is.

  5. If they really cared they would put it back on youtube…hence they don't, I hope they are getting rich by shunning the poor. Way to go guys the Mirada is somewhat suiting

  6. I was at the HRM Supercruise West show in Vancouver, WA in 1985. Most of the cars were like this. Dobbertin's J2000 was there, so was Matt Hay's Olds. I met Marlan Davis too. I still have all my photos.

  7. Is this ever going to be on the amazon prime subscription? Still waiting for it to upload two weeks on. Or has that been pulled as well? If so guess that's getting cancelled.

  8. Okay, this one I have to see! That car is everything that Pro Street really is: Poser race cars that can't get out of their own way. I LOVE IT!

  9. Hey motortrend and discovery channel, you know what would be really cool? If I could watch roadkill legally. Yeah, that would be real nice. Seriously..

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