1971 Nova Super Car, 810 Horsepower Pro Street For Sale!

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  1. It’s one thing to have a very nice car and then it’s another thing to have a very nice car and lie about it $200,000 I don’t think so and if they did put that much money into that car they going to take a serious loss when they sell it because there’s no way in hell they going to get that kind of money for that car although it is very nice it’s not $200,000 nice! I’m sorry I did not mean to be disrespectful but just calling it like I see it

  2. About three months ago I had left a comment stating that I felt this car was not worth $200,000 and that was just my opinion well recently I found the 72 nova that was twice the car, of this one in quality,motor wise, performance wise all-around big block,roll cage professionally built sub frame the works, $40,000 it's also a pro street nova that runs on pump gas or 110 octane and runs mid 9's on the street!!!

  3. Seriously??!! 200,000
    ?! I don't know if they're showing their stupidity or just overly fricken bragging!! Either way you need go get your change back. Cause you got screwed!!

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  5. Lol .. 200K I could build that car all day with my bare hands for $25,000 with a stroker kit in a 502! Meaning I could build a 540 cubic inch motor making more horsepower than that for a quarter the price! If it runs on gas Dave Ryan will make it haul ass

  6. Another trailer queen that is set up to drag race but will never see the track. The first time in the burnout box and their goes that perfect paint job…With a low dollar paint job that looks good, you don't have to worry. You can actually use the car for what was intended in the first place, Drag Racing! Rather than worry about getting your $200.00 investment dirty or the paint chipped..

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