1971 Chevelle SITTING For 20ish Years – Will It Run? NNKH

This 1971 Chevelle has been sitting in a yard for roughly 20 years or so. Lets see what she needs to get running and driving again.

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0:00 Intro/First Looks
04:07 T-Shirt Announcement
05:37 Under Hood Inspection
10:23 Engine #’s/Underbody
14:25 First Rotate/Starter
19:30 Battery/Trunk/Wiring/Cranking
26:25 Fuel/First Start
29:52 Carb/Oil Change
38:06 Brakes
46:33 Fuel Pump
50:19 Combo Brake Valve
54:24 Brake Hoses
56:28 Final Touches
57:38 Test Drive
01:02:56 Aftermath/Outro

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  1. A lot of comments I'm reading about Derek at VGG first time I've seen this channel. I think the important message to be sent here is that saving and restoring these cars (in any sense) is important because it's history. And it's preserving history. Anyways, that's my honest input.

  2. I do love the 70 and 71 I do like the body style but I'm a 69 Chevelle guy I own a 69 Chevelle SS and it's a true SS 396 big block I love the front of end of 69 and the tail light set up

  3. My 68 Chevelle has a windshield antenna. How much did you have to give for your big block 71? It looks like a very solid project, especially for how long it's been sitting.
    I put a 454 HO Crate in mine with a TKX Tremec 5 speed that fits the trans tunnel on a 68 – 72 Chevelle. If you want a T-56 6 speed, you have to cut out the tunnel and fab sheet metal to make a new tunnel.

  4. Great video. You were very thorough, showing everything you did.You got lucky with that engine. Keep up the good work. Will you do a restoration of the car?

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