1970 Dodge Challenger T/A – History, Specs, & Why It Got Cancelled! (Trans-Am Series Part 1)

For today’s video we are going over the full history of the Dodge Challenger T/A! I’ve decided to split this into 2 parts. Part 1 today covers the 1970 T/A and the beginning of the Trans-Am Series. Part 2 will cover Dodge’s return to the Trans-Am series within the past decade, and look at the modern 2017-present T/A. The T/As are an important part of Dodge’s muscle car history, with stunning looks, a 340 Six-Pack V8 engine, and a presence both on the race track and on the street. Watch along as we go in depth on the history, specs, features, and significance of the 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A!
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  1. once many years ago i was at the vintage festival at lime rock and posey's car was there. the guy watching over it let me sit in it and even used my camera to snap a photo. in the 80s i was driving truck and came across a t/a (may have been an aar. it was a long time ago) parked on the side of the street. i stopped to have a look and it was either restored or a clean original and to my shock it had a bench seat and column shifter. i found out later these came optioned out in any old way by the dealers; buyers could not order them.

  2. I have a well loved and driven Stone White 09 R/T, but when I go online and build a new model that's within my means I have to say it's usually a White Knuckle T/A 😎👍

  3. Thanks for covering this great old muscle car. Without this original car what would we have today. I love the new ones also..

  4. I remember going to the Dodge dealer trying to order a 71 T/A in yellow just like the ad in Hot Rod magazine and was told they didn't know if it was going to happen. Well we all know the rest of the story. I had to settle for a used Light green metallic one but I traded it later for a 71 Challenger R/T In Light Gunmetal Poly unfortunately lost track of both of them.I actually liked the look of the 71 grill and tailight's better than the 70. Thanks for posting I enjoyed it.

  5. At timestamp 7:36
    Chrysler DID NOT have a 4-speed automatic back in the early '70s. The options available for automatic transmissions were the TorqueFlight A904 for a small block (Slant Six/273ci – 360ci) and the TorqueFlight 727 for the big block (383ci – 440ci) engines, which were both three speed automatics. Chrysler's TorqueFlight was one of the STRONGEST automatic transmissions in the early days of muscle cars, for which they were used in drag racing circuits!!

    Great video, I didn't know that the T/A was only available for one production year!

  6. You did a superb job explaining the T/A story. I owned the same FM3 Panther pink T/A you featured in this video. I can tell you first hand these were better driving on the street then the 69 Z28 or Boss 302.

  7. Excellent video brother. FYI the 727 automatic was a 3 speed only.
    I am a little late to the party but I always smile when I get Marspeed notification. I ran a Balanced and Blueprinted T/A 340 in my 72 Duster. My buddy totaled his Cuda and I bought the engine. It was a incredible engine from the factory. The heads had offset rockers for larger ports and were able to flow more air.

  8. The "A" motor small block was okay as a passenger car, but was not good at all on muscle car, lousy heads. It needed a complete new engine as the small block could not compete for anything. This is why for any kind of pro racing it is Chevy and Ford small blocks. Now if we had a new / old Poly-sphere head that would make a world of difference. They also they needed a new four bolt main bearings and crankshaft. Why do they keep using the "new" 392 engine is dumb as the new small block. It is well known that new small block is weak and cannot handle endurance racing. The old 392 big block was from 1957-58 with the first generation Hemi and weighted over 800 pounds. If nothing else use a 397 cu in engine as it would be an even 6.5 liter engine.

  9. challeger t/a is my favorite muscle car with the 68 chevelle a close 2nd ( chevelle has the coil spring rear suspension and a useable back seat).

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