1970 340 Duster RUNNING like the Race Machine it built TO BE!

Music: Bensound.com

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  1. I’ve seen some guys will mill the plenum separator between the two sides of the performer rpm intake, that might help. Before you make any drastic tuning changes I would get a good tank in there and make sure you have good clean gas running through it

  2. You certainly won another "Done Good" MOPAR merit badge after watching this video. You did not/would not give up……a VERY good thing! So, do you have a replacement engine lined up for the Duster?

  3. Why don't you take it for a drive sitting there idling is doing it no good after sitting all those years I bet if you took it for a rip get the RPM's up it will burn all the trash out from sitting and not being driven

  4. I write the jet size on top of the bowel that way If I need to change jets I know what jet is in it that way it leaves the guessing out of it

  5. 2Questions 1 is it possible to get the altanator belt too tight? 2 Can you switch from a old school throttle body to a regular carb with out changing too much stuff? Both are on a 1995 chevy 1500.

  6. That fuel filter coming apart is probably the effects of using ethanol blended gasoline & sitting for a time period. The ethanol will eat away at anything rubber & the glue that the cheapo filters are put together with. But I've found i dont ever see the problems when the vehicle is used frequently. Only on vehicles that have that gas & sit for long periods of time. Like say a lawn mower over winter, or in your case, the ol duster.

  7. @Scotts Speed Shop what's the difference between the metal carb gasket, that looks just like the bottom of the carb, and the nonsense you made from it?

  8. Another old farmers trick is to clean out the gas tank. Take the tank out, empty the gas and put some diesel fuel in it. Then some clean gravel like 3 quarter inch size. One person on either side of the tank and just shake it back and forth for an hour. Let the gravel really roll around in there up on the sides and all around the bottom. Clean it all out and stick your camera in there and you'll find it is night and day the difference. Probably a good time to replace the sender and filler neck grommet…

  9. Nice. An original, 68-70 10.5:1 compression 340 alone is worth more than the whole car. They getting pretty rare but nothing sounds better. Cheers.

  10. I enjoyed that one from the diagnosis to the fix to the new invented gas ⛽ filler. Sounds good rotating around the yard, my neighbor wouldn't be happy but oh well. Nice work on the Holley double pumper. Enjoy your day Jed!

  11. All that #%$@& work for?…..why not put in a real mill like a Sonny's or a Pro Line or any of a dozen great engine builders, (especially if they cast their own blocks)
    THEN you have reliable fully street machine that does low nines….all that work for 11's?

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