1968 Pontiac GTO RAII vs 1970 Oldsmobile F85 W31 | Stock Drag Race

1970 Oldsmobile F85 W31 drag racing 1968 Pontiac GTO Ram Air II. Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race. Factory Stock Drag Race.

First car is a 1968 Pontiac GTO. The other a 1970 Oldsmobile F-85. The GTO has a 400 Ram Air II V8, while the Olds has a W-31 350 V8. The GTO Ram Air 2 was rated 366 horsepower, and the 350 in the W-31 was rated 325 horsepower. The W31 came with a specially built TH350 3-speed automatic transmission. The GTO also has a 3-speed automatic transmission, specifically, a TH400. Rear gearing in the W-31 is 3.91, and the GTO has a set of 4.33 rear gears. Weight of the GTO with driver is 3690 pounds, while the Olds is weighing-in at a slightly heavier 3718 pounds. There were only 116 W-31 cars produced in 1970 with the sport coupe body. On the other hand, there were 246 total Ram Air II GTOs produced in 1968. Hi Performance Magazine tested a prototype Ram Air II GTO in July of 1968 and it ran the quarter mile in 12.77 seconds @ 111.23 mph. Hot Rod tested a 1970 W31 in April of 1970 and it ran 14.62 seconds @ 96.05 mph.

Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race (PSMCDR). FAST Factory Appearing Stock Tire factory stock. Super Car Drag Race.
Remember, both cars participate in the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race series, so please check out their website:
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The rules for PSMCDR are listed below:

For 1955 to 1979 musclecars built in United States and Canadian assembly plants with a minimum warranty of 12 months and 12,000 miles.
Any car running faster than 11.50 will be disqualified and will not have a qualifying time recorded.
Any convertible running faster than 13.50 will be disqualified and will not have a qualifying time recorded.
Casting numbers must be correct for the year and horsepower claimed including intake manifold, heads, and exhaust manifolds. Blocks do not have to be “numbers matching,” but they must be the correct displacement. Overbores up to .070″ are allowed. Stock cranks only.
All Engines – 1.5 extra points allowed over advertised.
The camshaft must be correct for the year, model, and horsepower claimed for the type of lifter (hydraulic or solid). Roller cams NOT allowed.
The valve train must be factory stock for the year, make, and horsepower claimed.
The ignition system must be stock, including the distributor, cap, coil, and wires. Points may be replaced with any electronic conversion that fits under the stock distributor cap.
The carburetor must be correct for the year, make, and horsepower claimed. Jetting and metering changes are permitted. THE CHOKE ASSEMBLY MUST BE IN PLACE AND FUNCTIONAL!
Cast-iron exhaust manifolds are mandatory and must be correct for the year, model, and horsepower claimed. Internal modifications to the exhaust manifolds are NOT allowed. Under no circumstances will headers be allowed, including those cars that came with headers delivered in the trunk. Pipes must be routed as they were originally for the year, make, model, and engine combination. Mufflers must be stock looking in design, that is, oval in shape. No glasspacks or straight pipes allowed unless installed as original equipment. Maximum muffler inlet and outlet size is 2.5 inches. X & H pipes allowed.
The radiator must be correct for the year, make, model, and horsepower claimed. No lightweight, aluminum radiators allowed.
The camshaft must be correct for the year, model, and horsepower claimed for the type of lifter (hydraulic or solid). Roller cams NOT allowed. Duration at .050″ lobe lift must be within 1% of factory specs. Lift at the valve must be within 2% of factory specs. Maximum stall limited to 2200 rpm.
The transmission must be correct for year, make, model and engine of the car. 3-speed manuals may be upgraded to the correct 4-speed if originally available.
The rear axle must be of the same manufacturer as the car. Any gear ratio is allowed.
Reproduction tires or radial tires only.You are allowed to run tires one size over stock.
Factory wheels only.

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  1. Both of those cars were hauling the mail, nice runs. I love the Olds “Ram Rod” – another giant killer from back then. Thank you for doing these, Merry Christmas. 🌮 🌮

  2. Another awesome matchup, C&Z! Love those GTOs…had a '68 HO back in the day. How can you not love those W-31s?? Make no mistake, like the 340 Mopars, they were legit big block slayers. Would love to see a '70 W-30 on here…they could hang with just about anything back in the glory days.

  3. The w31 is hauling the mail, 110 mph in a 3700 lb car.. probably producing in neighborhood of 450hp! Both awesome machines, always had a soft spot for Oldsmobiles, going fast with class.

  4. I love both of these cars the Pontiac is clearly 3 to 5 tenths faster on a good clean run than the Oldsmobile but remember the Olds is powered by a 350 ci and the Pontiac by a 400 ci if l had my pick of these two cars I'll take the Olds this Oldsmobile with a 350 ci was capable of embarrassing many cars with much bigger engines makes it so very cool not to mention these old muscle cars are turning times and could compete with most newer late model muscle cars sold today are running low to mid 12s are where most stock new muscle cars are running

  5. My brother had a RAIII 69 GTO in the same color. Super quick car. He took that engine out after someone totaled his Goat and put it in a 67 firebird. That car was insane back then and I remember him racing a local guy with a 71 Challenger 440 six pack car that was one of the "cars to beat" back then. They raced 3 times with the Challenger beating him by a fender 2 out of three times, and my brother beating him once by a fender. Great times……

  6. From what I've read somewhere, the ram air 2 will make around 430 hp when fully pure stock blue printed. This was some years ago, may have improved by now.

  7. I sold a set of Ram Air 2 heads to a guy in Ohio that was restoring a 68 GTO. I think it was black too. That was about 4 or 5 years ago I think. I wonder if this is the guy? They are super rare because as soon as the Ram Air 4 heads came out they had bigger intake ports to compliment the round exhaust ports whereas the Ram Air 2's had more of a standard intake port so the Ram Air 4's were considered the hot ticket from then on. But the way the Ram Air 2 cars run I'm not so sure the 4 was that much better. The W31 is pretty impressive too.

  8. Boy this last episode of C&Z's had everything– I laughed I cried I never wanted it to end.
    We missed you the first half of 2021
    and it's great to have you back with all of the old school muscle-car mania and Mad Magazine grade humor.
    Happy holidays and thank you for
    keeping these fantastic machines
    on the front-burner.
    I can only hope that our kids in 50 years will not be watching Tesla Plaids tearing up the track on Cars and Zebra's 2.0.

  9. My brother had a 68 GTO 400ci Ram Air ll, Hurst Dule Gate shifter, 433r.e. It was Mayfair Maze (kinda pail yellow) with a black vinyl top, & Hide Away head lamps. It was a beautiful BEAUTIFUL vehicle!! With just a little tuning and a couple tricks, Marc's GTO was 410 H.P. It wasn't the fastest car ever, but it would jump out there on ya.

  10. I was the owner of two 4-4-2s. A 66 and a 72. My 66 had a 1970 W-30 455. My favorite 2 wins was against a 66 group with the 389 tri- power and a 68 super bee. Though I never seen the motor in the super bee the owner says it was a 426 hemi. He would not show his motor to anyone. Over the years I raced him five times. Won 4.

  11. Maybe I’m missing it, but are you calling out when the cars are F.A.S.T. cars and not factory stock? You should. Because these cars are way faster than stock.

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