1967 Chevy C10 RC Drag Truck | @Traxxas Drag Slash

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Professional drivers on a closed course. Do not attempt.


  1. $500 is way overpriced. For that much you'd be better off buying the Losi and using the extra $100 for upgrades. Even if they were equally priced, I'd still take the Losi for that gorgeous body. This thing should've been $299.

  2. And in real life, you come to the parking lot, put your RC, do two runs and come home pissed off that it's not like the traxxas commercials.

  3. nice looking truck! definitely getting one of these!

    now all we need is an upgrade to the Traxxas radio. Don't get me wrong, i love your Bluetooth Link app. just wish my radio didn't look like a late 90's Buick.

  4. I have an idea for traxxas cars… how cool would it be if traxxas and Tesla did a collaboration and we got the Tesla roadster on the 4tec chassis. Or the cyber truck on the trx 4.
    Like so they can see this!

  5. I actually saw this car about a month and a half before it was released. I went to the traxxas building in Mckinney and they were driving one around on the property and I saw it

  6. They should have to ad to the RTR version the sound system or atleast give it an option when you buy it together and you have some better deal on it.
    But I know, it is just the n+1 slash based, nothing new under the sun.

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