1966 "YARD" Dart GT 273: MASSIVE Mopar NASCAR Cam!

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  1. I’m not the biggest mopar guy but do love all things hotrod. This was cool video showing some cool mopar stuff. Thanks for interdicting me to something new and cool.

  2. had a 1965 formula s,i bought it to just drive in 1969,it was dull,i installed fenderwell headers on it,it gained incredible power,changed many carbs,nothing would make it gain anymore power,then i took it apart because on the 10.5 engine they have circlips on the pistons for pin retention,i bored the engine next oversize and honed it my self,blueprinted the 273 it responded by winning a lot of street races,the 273 cranks is lighter with floating rods and reversing the pistons side to side,it would rev 7200 easily,due to the smaller lighter high compression pistons it turned into a screamer,it turned 12.20 's all day with 410 7 1/4 suregrip 904 completely rebuilt with best parts 5 to 1 lever it would smoke buicks pontiacs oldmosbiles and novas and yes even mustangs,if you didn't catch me by the time i hit second gear,you were done,this engine is weird it only responds to port velocity improvements,and the one thing it loves is fenderwell raised port headers,under the chassis won't get it,run 112 octane thru it once,advance the timing to 38 degrees enjoy,im building another one right now,found the cuda body,see ya in the streets

  3. There were two 4-bbl 273's, one with 235 HP, had a .425" lift cam, 10.5 compression. There was another rare one, 275 HP. From what I remember it had a .50x" lift Racer Brown cam from the factory, about what you put in. The 235 HP one, aka "Charger 273" in Darts, or "Commando 273" in Barracudas, were good driving engines, though quite lopey at stop signs and lights. You had to shift into neutral so your vision wouldn't blur.

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