We knew this S-10 was fast, but we didn’t know it was WORLD RECORD fast! Nick’s S-10 has quite the setup. With it being finished just 6 weeks ago, we knew he may have some complications with his fresh build. He really fought some complications and adapted to overcome them on this outing. He not only did that, he put down the fastest pass for any LS stick shift car IN HISTORY. What a turn of events.

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  1. The heat index does not affect the temperature quit believing all of the weather propaganda. 91゚ is not 99゚ it's 91゚. Great video sorry for the negativity just like to call things what they are, The Weather Channel is propaganda

  2. i started watching you guys not too long ago, and i was there at st. louis and have videos of this truck making hits. i wish i could’ve met you guys, and dude behind the wheel. seems like a cool dude, but i’m sure i’ll run into you guys eventually. especially, since eventually hopefully i can get my truck in the 7’s.

  3. There's a couple of fast stick shift imports in Florida n there a shit load of V8 imports all around n don't know why no one has put a event with all these car

  4. I love this dude! Got me over here smiling and laughing along with him. I want to chill with the S-10 dude!!!! Bet he smokes weed. I'll bring all the weed!!!

  5. with the shifting problems he is having he should switch to an air shifter. Long should be able to hook him up with that. If not an air shifter then look at having the transmission shifted by the ignition system. Regarding the clutch adjustments, you don't have to remove the transmission or bellhousing to adjust the clutch. any adjustments can be made though the inspection opening in the bellhousing.

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