$14,000 Street Race | KOK Foxbody vs 714Racing 240z

1/8th mile street race between these two that have been going at it on Instagram…

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Negotiations
8:41 Prep
9:44 Race
11:04 Post Race


  1. DJ donates so much money to other street racing teams. This is one of the dumbest races I’ve ever seen in my life. He had no business lining up against that 240z.

  2. I wasn’t expecting DJ to act like a grown up 😂. I thought he was gonna stir the pot when he said something about getting burned down. He was on the chip for 3 seconds before the light


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  4. The 240 is a purposely built race car, light weight with huge engine and modern technology, only a similar build build car will take him out, he's got power to weight as a advantage

  5. niggah got teary eyes for takin the L for a bit there lmfao.. , But mad respect he took the L like a grown adult. This is how it should be. No need for all that little kid shit drama. Have Fun racing as you safely do it and Everybody goes back home safely.. You win some, you lose some.. Go back into the garage and build more shit to your car or trouble shoot what was the isse and come back out to race another time. Fawk it…. I like watchin these guys goes to different states to street race.. that's REAL G shit..

  6. Honestly why doesn't anyone spend 900 on a mobile drag tree and let niggas run from the light
    That eliminates people tryna call cap or watever
    After the run
    Pick it up put in the truck keep it pushing
    Yall already in Mexico 🇲🇽 be official as a whistle with it

  7. Since the guy at the liquor store keeps talking crazy I want to know where are all the fast SS Camaros at?.. I don't see them on the street and I damn sure don't see them on the strip so where they at?, from where I'm sitting all I've been seeing is coyote powered mustangs DOMINATING for damn near a decade!!

  8. I talked mad shit about dj in one video but here he really earned some respect took it like a man and even told his team straight up there was gonna be no arguing no excuses and that he lost fair and square, real respect to dj for that

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