1320Video Monthly – EPISODE 4!

Welcome to the 4th installment of 1320 Monthly! This month we traveled all across the nation to see some of the most insane races ever! The Blackhawk destroys it’s engine, The Gudfar Blown Impala gets down at No Prep events, a badass turbo LSx Kadett out of Sweden, and much much more!

Outlaw Armageddon:

Ice Cream Cruise:


  1. Mr Loftis. Do a Nostalgic video!! For the next Monthly episode. OLD school video! back from the days of Batman, Bama,Judd,Parish before the blue truck when he had the quad cab . Hiddy Ho days. Show where 1320 started!

  2. could even tell you how long I've been watching 1320 anyone wanna sponsor me ? I'll take a gt35 haha. love my Honda accord 4wd soon (4wd) a couple more months. love 1320! you guys give me something to look forward to after work each day.

  3. we really need more Z32's featured, its a shame that not even a LS SWAPPED Z32, or a 2J Z32 makes z32 videos. When the Z32 is the father of the new GT-R's.

  4. cleetus should interview and run the main camera, I never commented bashing but yeah you're kinda lame and sound lame. not talking shit, Ive been watching this channel for years, just stating what seems to be a common opinion

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