1320Video Holiday Surprise – Our First DVD EVER!

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As a holiday gift to our fans and viewers, we’ve decided to release one of the videos from our archive that you can’t get ANYWHERE else! Being officially sold out of this DVD for over 4 years, we decided it was time to share it with everyone so that they can peer back into the past and see the kind of racing we shot 13 years ago when we we’re just getting started! We apologize that the video quality isn’t quite 1080p, but rest assure that the content is still one of a kind! Get comfy while we take you on a ride back in time into the 1320Video DVD Archives, Volume 1!

“Get ready for a whole new breed of cars and a completely different style of racing! 1320Video brings you a whole new racing scene, new locations, new races, and SNOW??? From an 8 second featured car, to over 6 solid minutes of white smokin’ tire destruction, to watching a 4 door family sedan beat a Z06 for $500! You’ll never get bored during this video with over 90 minutes of pure action!”

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  1. 2005, back when the racing was good, the car style was painful, and the music was…eh. And my then would have been brand new off the lot CTS-V would have been untouchable.

  2. I remember downloading so many clips from this video on 56kbs from googlevideo!
    I did buy a shirt with the logo from the beginning of the film, you should bring those back! I'd buy a few more! Wore mine till it was loaded with holes. Lol.

  3. I got a 1997 ford mustang rebuilt if i had more money id fix it up and race too
    but if i was really trying to win id get a 3000gt awd twin turbo for some reason i just really like it

  4. This is crazy to watch. Insane how far technology has come in just a few years. Its absolutely crazy to think that my 08 charger I paid 3k for has 350 horse power and can run mid to high 13s bone stock lol. Wonder where we will be in another 20 years?

  5. Hey 9 second cars are fast and still fun as shit who gives a shit how fast the car or truck is as long as its mat he's up close to one a nother then it's fun to do and fun to watch right even watch to turtles you still cheer one of them on to win lol its all fun and some cash on the side

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