1320Video Goes to SOWO – 1 YEAR Anniversary!!

This cup of tea isn’t for everyone and we know that, but as a family of enthusiasts we appreciate all makes and models. (Or at least try to 😛 ) Two of our videographers were already heading to SoWo 2015 and we were curious to see what the event was like, and this is what they brought back!

Southern Worthersee was a car show composed mainly of European car makes (almost entirely VW) with virtually any degree of modification. The show used to be held annually in the small German themed mountain town of Helen, GA. Unfortunately with bringing numbers attendance well over 20,000 the event quickly outgrew the city’s limited capacity and tolerance in 9 short years. SOWO has now been rebranded “The European Experience” and moved south to Savannah. While many of the SOWO goer’s will never be able to replicate the same experience, the event will live on. This highlight video shows you the final event from May of 2015 and what better time to release it than the day before “European Experience” – the new event to usher on the crazy Euro event in a new location!

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  1. Thanks for the coverage man. I did have to mute the sound since the music chosen is some whack annoying stuff but did enjoy all the sexy rides.

  2. just to clear this up, this was last year's footage right?? Or did I drive 5 hours all the way to Savannah for a semi okay show living 50 minutes away from helen!?

  3. Always wanted to hit SoWo, H2Oi too but I'm on the west coast, it would be a mission great vid tho guys! closest I will probably be to experiencing these events

  4. This hasn't been my "cup of tea" as you put it. My husband is the car enthusiast but since it was in Savannah this year we both went. We divided our time between being tourists and the The European Experience. I have to admit that I enjoyed the car show much more than I thought I would. I was so glad when the VW van won best in show. It was definitely my favorite. I will be looking for any videos you come up with concerning this past week-end. It was as much a first for me as it was for them is Savannah.

  5. This reminds me of when I had my head up my ass and I was into stance…

    I bought a MK4 Jetta on Raceland Ultimos and some extremely rare wheels (Azev Type M) which were way too wide for it. The previous owner actually took my car to SOWO 2011. If you Google "Azev Type M" you'll actually see my car. I still think it looked good and I got a lot of compliments from people who were into stance, but it was miserable to drive, and shortly after getting it I realized just how toxic the stance scene is.

    Then I abandoned the stance scene, put a proper suspension set up on it with OEM Longbeach Wheels, bought a CBR600F4, and then bought an LS1 F-Body with a T56 and now I only hang out with genuine car enthusiasts who aren't there to wave their dick around.

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