1320 Garages: Kyle’s 4,000hp car collection!

This is the first of many episodes to come of 1320 Garages! We are going to bring you the absolute coolest garages we can find and take out some of the owner’s favorite cars for a rip! Our first stop is none other than the boss man, Kyle Loftis! Many of you have seen a few of his cars, but many have been upgraded and he’s got more on the way! Let us know what you think of the new series if there’s any insane garages you’d like us to check out!

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  1. Just a car guy to the next. Cars are created to be driven. I ponder if the reason for the clutch transmission issue for the R8 is because it has not been driven at its max on a regular. On a different note love your content and whips. I agree with you in terms of the lexus. Imo best durable car ever made. As a GTR owner, lexus and tundra with a mk4 soon to be in my collection and a floridian where the best cars evolve, drive all of them on a regular.

  2. I'm a big GS fan and have owned everyone model except his model, and Kyle is right. I think the only car comparable or slightly better is a Toyota Crown, there older version, for the price lol

  3. I gotta say that I rode in my buddy’s 1300hp zr1 and it didn’t scare me as much as my 900hp trans am and usually I’m more scared in the passenger seat in a fast car lol. It just felt so smooth and planted compared to my car.

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