1300HP VW GTI Goes 330kmh! (AWD Turbo VR6!)

This 1989 Volkswagen can go 200mph?! In the middle of 1320Video’s tour of Germany, we found ourselves at the reason we crossed the pond – The RACE1000 1/2 Mile at Airport Magdeburg Cochstedt, aka Germany’s premier 1/2 mile event! We heard this is where European cars come to raise the bar and we were not at all let down! Starting with this 1300hp Volkswagen GTI, powered by a massive Turbo fused to a built 24v VR6 from a VW R32 (they even swapped 4motion drivetrain into it!). Denny Wimmer and his CRAZY mkii GTI really opened our eyes to the European car scene, giving us a taste of what else the RACE1000 had to offer. Make sure you check out the in cab footage and watch Denny casually peddle out of his 1300hp getting sideways while he furiously slams gears through a sequential gearbox!

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  1. It is rumoured that VW are currently working on a new Golf E Model 8 (Due late 2021) and testing on Autobahns in the München area, are reliably reputed it to have achieved 0-100 kph in 2.25 seconds, beating the Tesla Model X – It is also claimed that this will exceed 500km if driven reasonably. However the production model will have a software restricted top speed of 155mph (250 kph) to conform with EU Laws

  2. sehr sehr gute endspeed, aber mega langsam im geschwindigkeitsaufbau 🙁
    very very good endspeed, but the increase auf velocity/speed was/is very slow 🙂

    look this car, if you wanna see real speed increasement…GOLF too btw.

    and the races again other top cars 😉

  3. Today he did 340kph (212mph) at Race1000
    Such a crazy Car and a even more crazy Driver with Balls big Like his Turbo.
    This Speed in a mk2 Golf is stupid.
    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  4. Gotta love those speed crazy Germans! Air filter that is larger than most engines and a turbo that belongs on a freight train – Total insanity! 😀
    Also I wonder how a Golf with little/no aero mods feels at 200mph…surely not the most stable thing given the basic car was designed for about 130mph! Very brave/crazy to take it up to those speeds!

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