1100HP Hellcat Redeye BURNOUT! @speedsociety @ForzaTuned

Next time we get in deep with the F8 Tributo build!

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  1. I’m sure Forza does a fantastic job, I don’t doubt it! I finally at age 61 was able to purchase a 2016 Dodge Charger Hellcat ! I could hardly contain myself. I would absolutely love to upgrade my Cat to 1000 RWHP but know way I can afford 15 grand… Non the less I do love looking at the cool cars on the Forza you tube sight…And even more I love my Cat…

  2. How does one breath once that smoke gets in the cabin?
    I’ve never done a burnout in my Hellcat for fear of tearing it up. I think mostly because I’m not experienced doing burnouts. I have an old Government gas mask that once I do a burnout I’ll be able to breath, LOL

  3. South Florida news recently said a crew or crews are taking (stealing) the Hellcats by disabling the gps and linking to the cars computer . One lady said her car is so loud everyone would hear it.. That car left in silence , she thinks it was towed or pushed away.

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