$10K Drag Shootout 3 Episode 7: 4 Teams – 3 Race Cars

It’s race day! The teams have a limited number of qualifying rounds to dial their cars in, and battle for that number one slot. Tensions are high, and when you push a team too far… there may be no coming back.

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  1. yaaaaaaaaaa……right. Ya'll tryin' to make an executive deadline instead of lettin' these teams of veteran professionals do their best. We all see it and ONE pencil pusher up top isn't concerned with quality; just views. There's a 'simple to everyone' recipient and one bean counters' comfortable unbias job is makin' the calls to run this show into the ground. I'm disappointed and deflated this season. Someone's focus isn't on the finish line; just the crowd attendance…………….

  2. Shouldve saved face and trashed all this footage, came up with the excuse of due to covid we didn't do a season. All drama less car stuff this go around.

  3. Been looking for a reaosn to unsub. And yall handing it to us on a golden platter. Ruined what used to be a decent car show now your just another fake drama car show.

  4. What a complete cluster fluck. This season totally sucked. The team that got thrown out. Come on all the shit they went through and then you do that to them wow. They didn't hurt anyone besides clogging up traffic for a little while. They were hot it was a bad decision to do what they did. But throw them out. The pressure and time crunch they were under. Now mechanic's won't want to do the competition and I dont blame them at all.

  5. Would have got a 600 buck wrecking yard engine for homegrown can’t win if your not there but if the tuner destroyed a built engine a 200 000 mile 5.3 has no chance

  6. I hate to drink hater-aid, but this season sucks and I like this series, a bunch of guys that aren’t motivated or work together. Every car is turbo ls, what is this nascar. Not to mention there all hella slow.

  7. Love the LS platform, and most know that especially on a budget they'll be hard to beat.
    That said, I think the series could be more interesting and attract a MUCH wider interest if the challenge at the beginning was to choose a commonly used engine platform. Have 4 junkyard motors in decent condition with similar mileage available 1) LS 2) BBF/BBC 3) Hemi 4) Coyote/Mod motor up for grabs in the initial challenge. A second challenge for the chassis. Would be interesting to see the different combos run.

  8. Are they ever going to actually build true 10k cars ? And include price of the car as well, it would make for a true drag competition. There are a few good builders here the rest are pit crew drinkers.

  9. F**k it you make a street pass because it's the right thing to do. Regardless of a DQ you need to know as a builder if this set up works or not

  10. This is a great show, videography is excellent. Much better than most car shows. Props on the videography and editing, it’s ready for prime time broadcast TV.

    Amazing to pull this off during this COVID crisis, takes a lot of work and effort to get everyone together.

    Let’s all appreciate the work, time and money that the cast and employees put in to create this program.

  11. If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to scrap some of the drama. most of our favorite car shows have been ruined with drama. as I read the comments I think most agree with this. this is the very reason I quit watching Street Outlaws. we have enough drama in our lives already.

  12. Why did you guys take this season out of the old building? The old building with the dyno looked way better. Taking it to a warehouse cheapened the feeling of an actual show.

  13. Looks like all the armchair quarterbacks are in full swing in the comments section. In my personal opinion I think the team that puts this show together is doing a fantastic job for what it is. A larger scale production like this takes a lot to pull off and most have no idea what it takes to get it done. In the car program space your damed if you do, and damned if you dont I guess. Hopefully you guys can just make a few corrections and push forward with the show. Keep it as transparent as possible, and focus on the accomplishments of the teams, rather then the negativity and drama. If we can get cars to the line the show will have all the drama it needs.

    Uncle Gus sticker at 10:31! You all know who im rooting for🙌

  14. The worst $10,000 drag shootout from all the drama and people not knowing how to make sure there Motors hold together for short distances your building drag cars not regular street cars I look pretty I just don't go nowhere

  15. These types of shows start out good the first season or 2, then crash. Just like with street outlaws turning into the real housewives(90%of the show is unnecessary fake drama). If i wanted to watch scripted fighting, I'd watch WWF wrestling or housewives. I tune in to watch racing and i find MAV TV or ESPN is your best bet. You can see the producer's push these people to act in certain situations and most of them are terrible actors. So it gives a very phoney feel to it. Almost everything Hollywood puts out today is garbage. On the newest street outlaws fastest in america, you can see they are really pushing the female version for next year's show. First they have the loud mouth mom from Kentucky taking up half the show running her mouth and she doesn't even race. Now they got Trisha going to a tanning salon coming out looking like a used baseball glove talking about how they were the first female street racers and there needs to be more women. Pretty sure there have been plenty of women racers before they came along with their own national t.v. show. Again, that's the producer's turning something real into something it isn't. Probably a lot of woke people working behind-the-scenes. Lot's of man buns and skinny jeans at the studio

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