1,000hp Cars on the Denver STREETS!

High horsepower street cars breed a competitive environment, which can sometimes transition to rather dramatic night events. Here we find ourselves at a night meet in Denver, CO, for a meet-up where some friendly internet trash talk led to a best 2 out of 3 race between a 1400hp Mustang and an 1100hp Evo. While the race ended up MUCH more dramatic than necessary, it was certainly an interesting night for us! Bonus for us, there were TONS of badass cars out to hop in with!

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  1. V8 gear heads are still the bitches they were back in the day. Agree to a 60 roll, but he keeps speeding up to 80, knowing the EVO was near top of gear. Then later on the CTS guy makes him drop to 40 knowing he would be off boost just so he could win. Total bitches.

  2. First car in the video is bragging about his car after getting his ass wooped. Next race big fireball out the other car and he says he got his car working. Complete douche.

  3. There’s so many kids here in CO that can’t drive. I’ve made $53K so far in 2021racing these kids. Daddy’s money doesn’t buy a driver. Keep it coming, I want$100K this year.

  4. We all know that Evo needs a driver mod, however, the Evo never got gapped it just let off the gas cuz the Mustang was squirrelly asf.

  5. idk where they are from but thats a damn race. they both went and the evo let off because it got unsteady. In any rolling book that's still a race.

  6. I remember sitting in my home watching 1320 videos when you just started the channel all those episodes in that parking structure in Texas now I’m looking at 3 million subscribers congratulations bro you did it

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