*1000bhp+++ Vauxhall Tigra Drag Car Project FOR SALE!

The car is a Mk1 Vauxhall Tigra that was owned by our lead Fabricator Dan for many years and was developed into the car you see here today. The amount of blood sweat and tears to get it to where it is now was unbelievable but as with every project something usually stops them from being finished, the tuning being the case for this project and being TDi specialists, we don’t have the time to take the car further than it is now.

The Car was built solely for drag racing with the hope to be the Quickest and Fastest FWD Drag Car in Europe with the hope of upsetting some of the guys in America too! The Plan was Sub 800kg and over 1000hp…

The spec list is MASSIVE but can all be seen in the listing below:


Motec M130 ECU with Group R Package & Level 2 Logging Upgrade – £2000
Motec Lambda LTC Single Bosch 4.9 – £240
M&W Pro-Drag4 4 Channel 250mJ CDI – £750
MSD Mustang Coils with Iridium Spark Plugs – £SOLD
Race Grade RG-TC8 EGT to CAN interface with AEM Sensors & Autosport connectors – £500
Race Technology Dash 2 – £300
Cartek Battery Isolator – £150

Engine Complete w Sump etc or will split: – £7000

20XE Engine – £4000
Fully Built Engine (Custom Billet Crank, I-Beam Rods, Sleeved block)
Forged 9:1 87mm (1mm oversize) JE ASV Pistons with HD Pins and rings
1/2″ ARP Head studs. ARP Mains Studs Expert Racing Mains caps and 1/2″ Girdle

Custom Ported Head with +2mm Bigger Valves from G&S / Paul Ivey – £1900
Kent Custom Inlet Cam – 11.9mm Lift / 278 Degrees
Piper Custom Exhaust Cam – 11.9mm Lift / 286 Degrees
Vernier Pulleys
QED Dry Sump Kit with AH Motorsport tank – £1600

T4 Twinscroll Tubular Manifold w Billet Collector 1.5″ 316L & 4″ Exhaust with 40mm Screamer pipes – £1000
Garrett 1000HP Core Water to Air Chargecooler – £500
Davies Craig Water Pump to Ice cooler box with Aeroquip hoses – £150
Custom Inlet with 2 Fuel Rails and brackets – £SOLD
Bosch Motorsport 82mm Throttle body – 0 280 750 101 / 0280750101 – £225

M32 Gearbox with SQS 4deg 4 Speed Drag Dog engagement gear kit & Quaife Differential – £2900
Custom Driveshafts and upgraded CVs – £600
SQS Sequential shifter with Electronic assist, Indicator Display and Racing cables – £1250
Helix 7.25″ Twin Plate Clutch with custom 8 bolt Flywheel – £800
1st – 30 x 10 = 3.000
2nd – 26 x 13 = 2.000
3rd – 30 x 22 = 1.364
4th – 26 x 26 = 1.000
Final Drive 67 x 17 = 3.941

Wilwood Dynalite 4 Pot Drag Brake Kit – 140-8442-D Bolt on modified – £700
Custom Alloy Hub Rear Axle with Hayabusa 6 Pot Rear Brakes & Shocks – £400
Wilwood Pedal Box with Wilwood Master Cylinders & DBW Sensor – £500
Hydraulic Handbrake with AP Racing Cylinder – £150

Corsa EPAS Steering motor & controller – boss and column – £100
Shell with Front Struts, Wheelie bars and panels. radiator and fuel tank – £2000
Parachute Setup – £SOLD

26 x 10 x 15 MT ET Drag Front Tyres – £SOLD
15” Steels Banded to 10” wide – £SOLD
4.5 x 26 x 15 MH Front runner Rear Skinnies – £SOLD
Lenso XPD 15×3.5 Skinny Rear wheels – £SOLD

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  1. Shame he lost the love this! he’ll never get what he wants for this but I genuinely would love to see it do a quarter mile you can tell this has had some serious money on this

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