£1,000 S-Class v 7 Series v Lexus LS – the best cheap car?

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If you wanted a luxury car without the luxury price tag, you’d probably consider buying a used car… But how about a used car that’s 20 years old!?

Well, Mat’s got his hands on a Mercedes S-Class, a BMW 7 Series and a Lexus LS all from the early 2000s to see if opting for a classic limo is worth it. Oh, and he’s going to launch them, of course!!

First up is the Mercedes S320. Back in 2001 it would have cost £51,000 but we bought it today for just £1,800. It’s got a 3.2-litre straight-six turbodiesel engine that produces 197hp & 470Nm.

Then there’s the Lexus LS430. It would’ve cost £54,000 when new, but we got it for £2,000. The Lexus packs more power than the S-Class, coming with a 4.3-litre V8 petrol engine that delivers 281hp & 417Nm.

Finally we’ve got the BMW 735i. In 2002 this would’ve set you back £53,000, but today it cost us just £1,400. This 735i has a 3.6-litre V8 petrol engine putting down 272hp & 360Nm.

So, which of these old limos will be Mat’s favourite? Keep watching find out!

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  1. Absolutely NO doubt – LEXUS !!! Most reliable cars in the world !!! As for BMW and Mercedes….nothing more expensive than a cheap "luxury" German car 🙃

  2. Great video, really informative. The diesel gets double the MPG but is only about 1 second slower to 60, so it clearly makes sense to get a diesel limo. How much would fixing all the faults actually cost? It might be worth paying more for a model in better condition, I’m guessing. If I were buying these things, I would budget 5000 pounds for the actual cost.

  3. Though you brought a Lexus that is not fit but it still crashed your mec and bmw brother you really tried hard to make the LS look bad but it kept on disappointing you on camera 🤣🤣🤣

  4. All good cars to park in your garden to go for a snooze in when they break down and you price up fixing them. Think of them as a lounge in your garden. I had a mate with a broken XJ6 we just used to sit in it in his field and chat over a beer. If you just regard actually moving as an expensive optional extra you can't really afford it all slots into place……I'm only half joking by the way 🤭😁

  5. owned an old LS400 92, and knew a S600 merc elsewhere, the merc had many issues over the years, the lexus had 3 things wrong, all minor

  6. Yes, and I have a C220 CDI Mercedes diesel 2005 going now for 700 000 km on the clock. quality for sure. I had 7 beemers before and they do not have the quality.

  7. I like how you somehow found the worst LS 430 in the world for this competition.
    I have never seen a Lexus in such miserable state and I have been in a LS 400 which is even older.

    Personally I would choose the Lexus anyday I find it the best looking and the best performing and since I hate that specific BMW design so second choice would be the Mercedes also since the BMW is probably the least reliable out of these.

  8. If I had to choose from those exact 3 cars I'd choose the Mercedes too (that particular LS430 has way too many issues). Heck, I might still choose the Mercedes in general out of these 3 since the Lexus 4.3 V8 has a timing belt, BMWs fall apart with age faster than most other cars, and because the diesel engine in the Mercedes may prove to be more reliable.

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