10 Classic Muscle Cars You can Still Buy CHEAP

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Classic muscle cars are great, but they cost a pretty penny. But they’re not ALL expensive! We’ve got Dodges, Chevys and Fords that can still be found for cheap, and even some cars you wouldn’t expect. It all depends on your definition of “classic.” Join James as we look at 10 classic, yet offbeat muscle cars that are guaranteed to rip the noooostiest skids.

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  1. I k owntou did camaros… but…the 89s Trans Ams were quite iconic also… can we say Hasselhoff?! I had an '82 with the 305' 4 barrel carburetor… nothing crazy…but it had space for an engine swap with that ridiculous long hood or if you wanted to do some tinkering to easily bring it up to 300 horsies

  2. Plymouth Belvedere… specifically the Belvedere 2 with the big boy V8 and a manual transmission. I saw one for $5,000 in stupid mint condition. It was also my first car… but with the slant 6

  3. Not sure if it qualifies as a muscle car, but Gen 3 Dodge chargers and Gen 3 Plymouth Sebrings are cheap as dirt, as in less than $2000. Same car driven by Richard Petty from '72 to '75. Might have won a race or two. I know they're ugly but I've had a couple. Paid $285 for a '72 charger & $450 for a '74 Sebring. They both had 318's, so they were slow. The charger only did 130 mph flat out and the Sebring would only do 143 mph. I believe Petty's '73 charger with a 360 would do 185 mph, which is a far cry from the hemi-powered monsters a couple of years previous but still not too terrible. But they ARE ugly. I guess that's why they're so cheap.

  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not Australian, he is from Austria in Europe next to Germany. Australia is on the other side of the world. Typical americans

  5. Really? A shout out to the BMW as a muscle car? A light cheap muscle car constantly overlooked is the Maverick Grabber. And yes I am a bit biased towards them. But they are a great cheap buy!

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