10 Cars With UNLIMITED Tuning Potential Under $5K!!

Hey guys welcome back to the channel and today we are going over 10 tuner cars you can buy for less than $5K!! I hope you enjoy and yes most of the are cheap sports cars or budget fun cars!! Anyways if you enjoyed please be sure to like, comment, and subscribe for more!!

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  1. Serious question. Why does no one talk about the 1993-97 Camaro Z28? The LT1 was a good engine. It's not as popular as the LS, but it paved the way for them. It's honestly sad that not a lot of car people acknowledge that engine.

    Edit: The LS1 is a 5.7 liter (350 cubic inch) V8. Maybe research a little better?

  2. I'd like to add to the cobalt ss – the cobalt ss originally had the LSJ supercharged engine from 2005 to 2007 alongside the saturn ion redline from 2004 – 2007 making 205 hp and 200 tq, not the LNF turbo it came with 2008 to 2010, which the saturn sky redline came with as well as the pontiac solstice gxp, having 260 hp and tq. The LNF has a weaker engine block than the LSJ due to gm upgrading its' engine cooling somewhat. Though the LNF cobalt can be a more popular option due to not being supercharged but rather turbocharged so it will have a higher power ceiling (from factory) without replacing major components, making it cheaper for power mods in the short run. The Quickest and fastest cobalt ss actually has the LSJ engine turboswapped, and the stock block with everything else replaced and/or modified has been taken all the way to 898 hp, on a 2.0L mind you. The stock LSJ shortblock has been taken to 520 – 540 hp reliably. It has been pushed to 567 hp on the dyno, and then pulled back to the afformentioned 520 – 540, and then raced for a full season; afterwords the engine was torn down and the stock rods were found to be slightly bent, it is speculated that the rods bent doing that 567 hp dyno pull, and then raced at the slightly lower power through the whole season with bent rods. These lsj ecotecs are no joke.

  3. None of these cars are being sold in $5k at all, even more so under $5k. Prices are HEAVILY affected based on where you live. Even if you find one it's rusted to all hell. The last clean Miata I saw had an asking price of $9k. A moderate looking CRX was $12k, Hell a 180k – 220K mile 6th – 9th gen Si are being sold around $8k – $12k. This is all based on CT where I've stared at FB market for the last 4 months

  4. So a quick note on the integra not all of them came with VTEC from the top of my head only the Integra GSR came with the B18C1 which is 1.8 liter DOHC VTEC motor while the rest of the lower trims came with the B18B which is a 1.8 DOHC Non-VTEC motor. Just wanted people to know because the GSR trim became kinda hard to find so most of the integras you see nowadays are non vtec and a quick way of checking is the engine serial code B18C1=VTEC 170hp, B18B=Non-VTEC 138hp. I don’t know how many people will point this out but for the new people interested in an integra it’s pretty important.

  5. Could you please list cars that won’t have 250k+ mileage… I’d really appreciate it, but a lost on “Best tuneable everyday cars”

  6. Should’ve added the z31 (300zx) stock bottom can handle 500hp reliably, and are easy to work on once you do some deletes , but better it’s not know, makes it even cheaper

  7. My stepdad got me into cars with the 1g eclipse and I was blown away. He drag raced it and won every race everytime. I now own a wrx and it’s because of him. Lol your 1G ref. Brought back memories💪🏾

  8. goodluck finding a gsr for $5k The engine alone is $3k got lucky finding mine with a rebuilt title and threw the b18c1 into my clean ls havent tuned her yet but stock gsr is so much fun!

  9. What are cars going for in the dfw dallas area market can u get any good deals here still used cars seem to be very high its seems out of them are sold out because of chip shortage thanks

  10. you definitely should of mentioned the forth Gen Honda Prelude. cheap, reliable, super good and sporty looking, all wheel steering, crazy tunability & support, the H22a is a monster of an engine.

  11. what about 2004-2008 acura tsx? has a k series… the best honda motor. manuals are hard to find under 5k tho. i love mine great car deserves a spot on the list.

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