0.5 HP vs 660HP Race Across London

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Thanks to Caterham for lending us their AWESOME 420 Cup @OfficialCaterhamUK Check them out here 👉

What’s faster ACROSS A CITY, a 660 Horsepower Ferrari 488 GTB or a 0.5 horsepower Xiaomi Scooter? Well, today we’re going to find out, and first to Brands Hatch gets to drive a Caterham 420 CUP Race Car!

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  1. It's honestly astonishing that Scott did not get stopped by police as that scooter is not road legal its the same as driving a moped with no insurance and MOT as well as 6 points on your real licence

  2. just for the record, im pretty sure scott would have won this if it were done in the summer, i own one of those electric scooters myself, and when the cold sets in, the mileage drops significantly

  3. How did you avoid the local 'Stasi' That wasn't a hire scoot.
    Then, it's also a £1000 fine for taking a Leccy Scoot on the Tube. They are banned.
    Now, saying all that, I love lectric scoots and I ask because I want to know how to do what you did on the scoot. Mine is a proper Scoot BTW, not a stupid toy one!😅

  4. I dont think a xiami scooter has 0.5 HP. When it's motor is 250w. 1 hp is 746 watts. So the electric scooter has 0.335 HP.

  5. It's a totally irrelevant challenge because if you have a car then you would use the m25 which would knock 30mins off the journey…

  6. Having your passenger get out and take a picture is not fair, your opponent didn't have that option, nor did he have help navigating- you should have to go it alone and since your opponent has to find a place to stop safely- you should be required to find a parking spot- as that is one of the primary drawbacks of a car- take up so damn much space, you can't carry one or chain it to a fence. Moral victory for the scooter- e-bike clearly the superior choice- bonus points for not giving all the kids around you asthma and not deafenening everyone with an annoying, over-powered, loud engine.

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