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Next to Herbie this could be the world’s most famous VW Beetle. Its fame and notoriety are largely the result of the regular appearances in the hit TV show Street Outlaws alongside its owner – Jeff aka AZN. But what’s the Dung Beetle doing at Misfire Motorsports – a workshop specialising in Subarus? Press the PLAY button to find out!
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  1. "I stuck with the air-cooled engine for a while mainly because it was a nostalgic kind of a thing, but we knew that eventually we would have to walk away from that ." AZN

    The air-cooled purists will not be impressed but it's not hard to see why AZN opted for the EJ25. The Subaru's flat four is the closest thing to early VW's motor but infinitely more capable, not to mention reliable.
    What do you think?

  2. I gave this vid a thumbs down. The old bug was a baha thing to me, we built them for off road and two trackin not for strip racing. And I think you lost the soul of that bug. Not a bad thing in itself, you just took the fun, for me, out of it. It won't run across the dunes, just drift on pavement…

  3. Hello AZN I use to have a 69 n 70 bug.i use to crush soda cans with my front wheels also I could take my motor out in 12 minutes tune it up and do whatever it takes to and put it back together and go race and kick some but but Luke you said it took a lot of parts to keep it tip top cause part do break but it was fun and fast and it looked like your I didn't want a show car but an a butt kicker n it did and I still got 30 mpg.those were the days before guys started putting Subaru e fines in them.wow you can drive that baby anywhere n still race it now cool as a dung beetle should be awesome work haltec has done.i wonder if they can hook me up on my r129 tu e up n things.hmmmm peace

  4. I had a 65 ghia cab with 110 hp in 1973 and that engine was going down, so I traded in for a new 914. Funny thing on car dealership the number 2 cam lube was waring down had to adjust value every so offen so needed a new cam. But they never knew that

  5. I love the beetle i watch u guys on street outlaws from australia ever considered painting the car up as herbie ? so it's pretty much an sti souped up in a vw right ? It was good at fishing before bet u cant wait to bring in the $$$$$$$$$$$$ 👍

  6. what would it cost to build one like this,just a ballpark figure, please? this would be a great bucket lisr projecr, that I cani afford now, retired on pension.

  7. been racing VW air-cooled, 1/8 mile, oval 1/4 mile dirt, oval 1/4 mile asphalt, offroad in Deutschland Ghia with Porsche 356SC power, parking lot street cone course for time and fun.
    I would rather be true to VW with air-cooled I build myself and have fun. I do enjoy your fishing and racing the unsuspecting.

  8. I am VW old school purist but I cannot be mad at the swap to the Subaru engineer but dayam the body is F**ked up now. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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