🏅 SEMA Special: Street Outlaws' Kamikaze and his El Camino

“Kamikaze” Chris is one of the most grounded, genuine characters on the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. Much like its owner, the infamous El Camino is a simple, garage-built, honest race car built and maintained almost entirely by Chris and his friends.

This is not to say the car doesn’t have a few clever tricks up its sleeve. We caught up with Kamikaze at SEMA to see what’s what.
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  1. And no he want the only one to call it that more then once chef called it the slut a lot because there where parts they had laying around the show

  2. I Hurd it's a twin turbo set up now, is this a old video reposted? or did I read a crap article? it was wrote by the guys big chief and murder nova work with. I'm confused.

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